Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sometimes you just want to get away.  That was the case last weekend.  Bryan (my son) and I left 2012, drove to Morehead City, NC and stopped in the 1950's at El's Drive In.  There's nothing fancy about the paved parking lot, no high tech speaker system - just waitresses who come out to your car and take your order.

The hamburgers, complete with slaw and chili, were amazing and well worth the ride.  But to be honest, I think I enjoyed Bryan's company most of all.  It's not everyday that a parent gets to spend an afternoon with a child...with no interruptions (no texting, no facebook) Joy!

I took pictures and hoped to post them....and that brings me to my misadventure.....

I tried to download the pics from my camera - and I have successfully done this before - but not this time.  Unfortunately for me, I guess there was a short in the USB cable.  I managed to fry my laptop as well as my camera.  :(
Writing my first novel has been nothing short of an extended adventure.  It has been two years now and still not done.  The writing and rewriting have been quite a challenge.  Especially since my job requires me to sit at a desk, in front of a computer - all day long.  Needless to say, there are days that I am completely brain dead and finding the brain power to visit my characters and tell their stories is next to impossible.

So I thought I would use my blog as therapy....a place where I can vent....a place where I can update my progress....and my misadventures....