Monday, June 3, 2013

Sneads Ferry, NC - my inspiration

Of Dreams and Shadows takes place in the fictional town of Parson's Cove, NC.  Parson's Cove is based on Sneads Ferry and parts of Swansboro.  I love Swansboro's waterfront with all its shops, restaurants, music and view.  But it is Sneads Ferry and the salty New River that has my heart.  The people here are a special breed and they make for an amazing community.  If you're familiar with Fulcher's Landing from way back when, I'm sure you will remember Capt Jim's restaurant - (now the Landmark Cafe)  Remember the lighted sign with the fish jumping from the water?  I loved that sign!  Capt. Jim's is actually in my book as Capt. Jimmy's.   As you read about Parson's Cove, I hope that you are able to recognize Sneads Ferry because she's there between the lines.  The Ferry is truly a special place and it has provided an amazing influence on the Cove. 

The Landmark Cafe - Originally Capt. Jim's
Sneads Ferry, NC

Boat Ramp located on Fulcher's Landing
Sneads Ferry, NC

So here's a short excerpt from Of Dreams and Shadow.  I hope you enjoy it!

Jenna made her way to the end of the wooden planks and leaned against the railing.  She listened to the water as it gently lapped around the pilings.  Seagulls flew overhead, hoping for an easy breakfast.  While apologizing for coming empty handed, Jenna pulled her hood up, trying to keep the cold off her ears.   Her eyes moved, taking in the rustic beauty around her.  Just off to the right, on a lone weathered piling, a pelican kept watch.  And beyond him, in the distance, a boat ambled its way up the river.

The chugging of a motor grew steadily louder, pulling Jenna's attention to her left.  A skiff drew near to the pier and puttered by, carrying an old man.  Gray hair surrounded a weathered face.  He threw up a gnarled hand in greeting.  Jenna smiled and waved back. 

-DS McKnight

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