Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson/Southport, NC

I love Southport.  It's one of my favorite towns to visit so yesterday, we went.  The town was celebrating their Spring Festival. Vendors filled the park - ribs, chicken on a stick, hotdogs-you know the smell!  Then the artists - watercolors, jewelry, scuptures.  It all added up to an enjoyable day. 
But before we reached Southport, we took a small detour and visited the Brunswick Town-Fort Anderson Historical Site.  There is a wonderful walking path that takes you around the site.  Even if you're not into history, the scenic beauty of the place is worth your time.  The top picture is of St. Phillip's Church.  I can imagine how it must have looked with a roof and glass windows.  The bottom picture shows where the remains of a house have been excavated.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some people are born with the innate ability to get underneath my skin.  It's the little things really.  Like those people who shop and ignore the fact that their little one is standing, make that teetering, in the shopping cart.  Really?  That's why they have those little seat belts....

And then there is "Potential Customer" - at least that's what you said your name was when I asked.  Here's a office didn't call you....YOU called us.

Finally, there's the fast food worker.  I won't name the company, however, when I ask for a side salad, I'd like to get it.  Yes, I realize that it's officially still breakfast but I'm pretty dang sure your salads are pre-made.
In fact, your coworkers have never had a problem with filling my request.  Your lack of initiative was mind boggling.   I don't think your coworkers have any worries about you becoming boss one day...

Like I said, some people just get underneath my skin.


Monday, March 25, 2013

The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst is one of my favorite short stories of all time.  How is it then that I never realized James Hurst is from my neck of the woods?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Self Publishing

I'm learning that publishing my book is a game of hurry up and wait.  Currently I'm waiting on the final edit so I can hurry and make the corrections and submit the book for formatting.  Then it's the cover---hoping I have that by the end of next week...but if not, I'm working on the back up plan.  My sister, bless her heart, is quite the photographer and I'm looking forward to our photo shoot.  The cover is really important as most of us "judge the book by its cover."  If nothing else, the process of publishing is an exercise in patience...and I am an impatient student.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Choosing indie publishing - Of Dreams and Shadows

When I was in high school, I dreamed of being a reporter - of parachuting into a war-torn country - of writing that award winner article.  And then life happened...and I got older and realized I am afraid of heights and I would never jump out of a perfectly good flying machine.  In fact, I tell people all the time, if I die from a fall---it's probably murder.  Some people think I'm joking - but honestly, I'm not.  I will admit to having an irrational fear of heights.  How many people do you know - who can't stand next to a guard rail and view the New River Gorge (West Virginia)?  Yes, that would be me....I'm the person who's about to have a nervous breakdown because my children are leaning over the railings for a better view. 

I know - you are wondering where all this is going so I'll explain.  I'm setting off for a new adventure.  No, I'm not jumping out of planes but I am jumping into the world of indie publishing.  It's exciting and frightening all at the same time.  When I first started writing Of Dreams and Shadow, I planned on getting an agent and publishing contract.  But publishing is changing...and I've always preferred to pilot my own ship.

So, wish me luck!  Sink or's all up to me!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book Review

I'm not a book reviewer but I know what I like.  Carol Ann Ross has just published a book called The Days of Hairawn Muhly.  Beautifully written, it truly touches the heart.  The Days of Hairawn Muhly is a coming of age story set during WWII in coastal North Carolina.  History buffs will likely recall when the Army had a base in Holly Ridge, North Carolina called Camp Davis.  So much has changed in the Surf City/Holly Ridge area since the war but its wonderful to read about how things were back in the good ol' days.