Sunday, July 8, 2012

It has been hot! Crazy hot!  So hot that we put off our trip to Busch Gardens.  I mean, how can you enjoy yourself when the temperature is a sweltering 102 degrees.  Geez!  That being said...I love summer.  It's my favorite season but the recent temps had me longing for cooler times.  Living in coastal North Carolina, I am lucky to have access to the water.  The beach is maybe ten minutes from my house and nothing much beats an early morning walk except maybe the river.  The river is literally a stones throw from my home.  It's what I grew up with....floating on innertubes, clamming, diving from shrimpboats.  There is something about the sound of the water lapping against the shore that soothes my soul.   In the winter, there are times when the river gets so cold, the water starts freezing along the edges.  There are days, when the river is smooth as glass; perfectly reflecting the blue sky.  It's one of those mornings that inspired the following excerpt:

The morning was cold but perfect.  Jenna concentrated on her breathing and the pounding of her feet against the pavement.  ­­­­­­­­­­­­Reaching the corner of Bay and Waterway she turned north, running toward the river.  At the corner of Waterway and Riverside, Jenna paused, jogging in place, as an old truck slowly passed.  She crossed the road, making a beeline for the path beside Joe’s Tackle Shop.  A little blue sign pointed the way to the public pier.  Slowing her pace to a walk, Jenna made her way to the end of the wooden planks and leaned against the railing.  She listened to the water as it gently lapped around the pilings.  Seagulls flew overhead, hoping for an easy breakfast.  While apologizing for coming empty handed, Jenna pulled her hood up, trying to keep the cold off her ears.   Her eyes moved, taking in the rustic beauty around her.  Just off to the right, on a lone weathered piling, a pelican kept watch.  And beyond him, in the distance, a boat ambled its way up the river. 
The chugging of a motor grew steadily louder, pulling Jenna’s attention to her left.  A skiff drew near to the pier and puttered by, carrying an old man.  Gray hair surrounded a weathered face.  He threw up a gnarled hand in greeting.  Jenna smiled and waved back.