Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Creative Writing - Asking "What if?"

What if?  We've all ask it...What if I didn't go to the store?  What if I'd answered the phone?  What if I'd listened to the little voice sounding off in my head?   It's a question that torments us;  that makes us doubt our choices.
What if?  What if I could fly?  What if I could touch the moon?  It's also a question that motivates us; that brings our imagination to life.
What if? - is my favorite question.  It was the first question I asked myself as I began to write.  It's the question that brought my villian to life...

  (Excerpt from my book)
People had no idea how vulnerable they made themselves and he wasn’t above taking advantage of their follies.  Standing in the darkness, just beyond the patio, he had a perfect view into the kitchen through the large picture window.  He watched as she lifted her hair from her neck; as her mother fastened the necklace; as the light accented her bare shoulders and he imagined himself standing behind her, trailing his fingers across her soft skin, encircling her neck with his special gift.  His special gift – he moved through the darkness, making his way to his treasure…

DS McKnight

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