Friday, May 17, 2013

Creative Writing Tip - Watch a Movie

On Tuesday evening, Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi of The Bookshelf Muse hosted a webinar focusing on how to show character emotion by using non-verbal communication.  It was well worth my time. While much of what they covered I had learned in my creative writing class, refreshers are always appreciated.   One thing they advised really caught my attention.  It was to watch a movie - taking notes on how the actors react in emotional scenes.   Does the actor/actress lean in? Where are their hands? What are they doing with their lower body?  Are they tense?  Relaxed?  

Actors have the ability to bring the written word to life.  I think about Nicholas Sparks' THE NOTEBOOK.  I enjoyed the book.  But the movie...what can I say?  I've watched it countless times and still cry.  The scenes between Gena Rowlands and  James Garner are so moving - both beautiful and heartbreaking.  It's like having permission to witness someone's most intimate moments.

And that's the great thing about watching a movie, you are free to watch for as long as you like and  - unlike people watching - you can press rewind.  You can focus on the little details without having to worry about a real life someone thinking you are a creeper.

-DS McKnight