Thursday, July 18, 2013

Building My Online Presence

It's been just over three years since I started my novel.  I'm sure some of you can relate - working, family, etc.  Sometimes, it was just hard to fit writing time into the schedule.  I stuck with it and when I finally finished the edits and the rewrites, I was relieved - that was short lived though. Choosing to self-publish seemed like a viable option - one that offered control to me.  What I didn't realize was the hard work that comes with that choice.

Anyone can self-publish a novel but what we all want is to have our efforts recognized - and by that I am referring to "sales."  I have spent hours scouring the internet looking for information regarding self promotion and marketing.  Time and again, so many offer the same advice:  offer quality content, build your platform, and increase your online presence.

Quality content - I offer writing tips and updates on my journey in self-publishing.  The problem...I bet you do too.  It's like being a diamond among diamonds - I can only hope that my post glimmers enough to cause a reader to choose it out of all the other possible choices.

Build your platform - I've got a website and a blog.  I joined online communities.  I have an author page on Facebook and I'm on Goodreads.  My question is this:  Short of hiring your own social media specialist, how does anyone find the time to do it all?  I understand that "working social media" increases my online presence but like many of you, I work a full time job.  I come home and prepare dinner for my family. I pick up my son from practices and attend his games.  I help with homework.  You get the picture - it's probably very similar to your life.

It would be wonderful to stumble across the directions guaranteed to make my novel a must read...but as of yet, I haven't found them.  Instead, I'm trying to put together a marketing plan - starting with sending out media kits to area newspapers and magazines.  I've created a book trailer which I'll post on Facebook and my website and I'm looking at virtual book tours.  While I recognize the questionable use of both book trailers and virtual tours - I don't live in a metropolitan area and for me, a chance to increase my presence is worth it.

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