Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review - Sphere (The Carriers, Episode One) by Isaiyan Morrison

Just finishing graduating high school, Tayla Wyatt looks forward to heading off to the same college her best friend Sara was accepted to. This is her only way to get away from her family's troubles and the fact that her mother walked out on her and her father over a decade ago.

The day of her 17th birthday they meet Darrien, a shy eighteen year old boy who reveals to Tayla that she's descended from a long line of Carriers, humans endowed with special abilities or "gifts" and that her gift she has yet to harness is the strongest gift of them all. Tayla doesn't believe him. After all, no human in the world has special powers, or do they?

Things suddenly take a downward spiral turn as Tayla finds herself immersed in their world. Still questioning why her mother left her, she must also come to grips with the fact that her gift may not be a blessing but a curse.

So what did I think?

There's no warm and fuzzy lead up here - Isaiyan Morrison drops the reader into a tense situation in very first paragraph.  It left me feeling as though I was playing catch up...and I think that worked. The main character Tayla is like many teenagers - likable, vulnerable, and confused.  I found myself relating to her and her doubts.  

I thought Ms Morrison did a great job giving voice to the cast of characters.  There was no mistaking each character's personality but it was actually the villain who caught my attention. He was arrogantly evil and I loved him.

It can be hard to weave important information into a story and not have an information dump especially when the reader steps into an already accelerating story.   I thought Ms Morrison did a good job filling in the back story.  There was a small dump in the beginning but as the story proceeded, I felt like she got better and better.

My biggest complaint is also my biggest compliment - the cliffhanger!  I scrolled down my kindle looking for the next paragraph - but it wasn't there!  Dang!  The disappointment...

My recommendation:

Don't let the fact that this is a serial keep you from reading it.   If you feel lost in the beginning, don't worry.  It won't take long for you to figure out the who's and the what's that make this story work.  Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the read!

This is a serial with each episode roughly between 14,000-18,000 words long. 

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