Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: Till Human Voices Wake Us

Amazon's book description:  In the empty days after her son's death, left alone in her grief by her husband, Isabelle Berendon falls in love with the unlikeliest person in the world: her sister-in-law.

Till Human Voices Wake Us by Patti Davis

Patti Davis' Till Human Voices Wake Us tackles the highly sensitive and controversial subjects of death, divorce and same-sex relationships. In the process, she renders a story which reminds us that though we may differ with respect to our beliefs and views, we share the very same human experiences of loss and love.  

There are those who will refuse to read this novel because of the female/female relationship.  While this relationship is obviously important to the narrative, I felt it took back seat to the main character, Isabelle.  The story moves through Isabelle's recollections of her childhood, the shattering of her life and ultimately the choices she makes in rebuilding.  At its core, it is a story of forgiveness and acceptance.

There is an emotional depth and fluidity to Davis' writing that is rarely seen.  She created characters that were sympathetic because and/or in spite of their imperfections and in doing so she captured the longings of their aching hearts and gave voice to the feelings that many of us find hard to express.

Till Human Voices Wake Us isn't a story you read and forget.  It stays with you and requires you to delve into your own thoughts about life and to reflect on how you choose to spend those all too fleeting moments.

My Rating: 

Till Human Voices Wake Us
By:  Patti Davis
266 pages
Published:  April 30, 2013

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