Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review of Partings (Death Walks Through,1) by Lisa Williamson

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Partings is the first offering in the short story collection Death Walks Through.  The author Lisa Williamson describes the stories as shorty shorts.  

Amazon's Story Description:  A lady, a Knight and a long awaited ending to their tragic tale.

Partings is indeed a short story.  However, the author quickly sets the tone of the story with beautiful imagery:   The ink black horse raced across the moor, a darker shadow against the night sky. The sound of it's hooves breaking the eerie silence.   

Williamson was able to capture the longing and desperate hope for reunion that separated lovers feel.  I found the story compelling particularly with the somewhat sinister undertone that left me wondering - "Why the long wait?"

There were a few grammatical errors but the story far outweighed those.



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