Saturday, October 12, 2013

Book Signings

After reading about so many authors' book signing experiences, I was a little apprehensive. The common thought seemed to be that signings were a waste of  time.  Maybe because I went in expecting so little, I was pleasantly surprised.  I decided to forgo the library or the bookstore. Instead, I choose a bagel shop.  It was a very informal affair:  my books, a poster, a picnic table and me.   

I promoted on facebook.  Friends and family "shared" my posts and that helped a lot.  The "total reach" on my author page more than doubled.  

My book signing was a two hour event.  The first hour consisted of plenty of people walking by trying desperately to avoid eye contact.  The second hour, things changed - people came - not all at once.  They started as a trickle and steadily built up steam.  So much so, that I extended my signing by thirty minutes.  I didn't make a killing.  I sold 12 books.  But more importantly, I was able to connect with my readers.  I grew more comfortable talking about my novel with each person.  By the end of the event, one reader asked if I'd be open to speaking with her book club.  

So, it all comes down to the decision - Book signing signing not...

In my humble opinion - DO IT!   Don't expect a large attendance but expect some people to show.  Think about your community.  Is it an artsy kind of place?  Or is it full of good ol' boys/girls? Then, choose a place where your readers are most likely to be.  Talk your event up on social media.  Get your friends/family involved - it's not hard to "share."  Finally, take advantage of the learning opportunity the signing presents.  

That's my thoughts - what do you think?