Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's all about getting noticed!

It's hard to get noticed!  There's a lot of novels out there and everyone is hoping theirs floats to the top. I know - I'm one of those writers.   I thought writing the story was challenging.  I've learned that the marketing and promotion is where the challenge is. I've shared my Amazon link in G+ communities.  I've offered mobi and pdf files in exchange for honest reviews and while I have had some interest, it's not been overwhelming. I've recently asked a Goodreads group to review my book.  

What else can I do?  I considered radio promotions.  Yep, that's not happening anytime soon - way out of my budget.  Local festivals have been pretty good - as long as the fee is reasonable - but if you're paying $150.00 for a table - consider the number of books you'll have to sell just to break even.  I had a book signing that went very well - but again - that was local and there are only so many people in my little hometown.  

So - after a lot of consideration - I finally decided to do it.  I'm taking my novel on a blog tour.  It's sort of an experiment.  My plan is simple.  I chose three virtual book tour promoters.  One for November, one for December and one for January.  I will be touring one week out of each month.  My plan is this:  I will track my sales during the tour, compare them to the sales before the tour, and if there is an increase in sales, I will note how long the increase lasts.  I will also compare the different tours as to which one generates the most "buzz" for my novel.  

If anyone is interested in the final results, let me know.  I'll be happy to share what I learn.

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