Friday, November 29, 2013

Book Review: The Blue Hour by Patti Davis

There is a lot to love about The Blue Hour.  One of those things are the little gems of truth that are scattered about - waiting to be gleaned.  An example can be found in this passage:

Fifteen minutes later, Chester pulled up to his lamp-lit house - a house that looked warm and inviting, a beacon in the black rainy night. But houses can tell all sorts of lies when you look at them from the outside. Windows can shine with light and never reveal the shadows that live deep inside rooms and hallways. Passersby smile and think, how lovely, but they don't see the cold corners where dreams and desires have been left to die. -The Blue Hour

I really hate giving away too much about a book in a review.  After all, why read it if a review spills all the secrets?  So - my about the book is short and sweet:

After Joshua (the main character) moves to a new town, strange things occur causing the town folk to be less than welcoming.  We find there is more to the town of Clearoak than it's quaint image portrays.  There are secrets and they aren't pretty.

What I thought:

The Blue Hour is imaginative and heartfelt. In this tale, Patti Davis weaves several stories into one. Past and present come together as a town and its residents come to terms with the choices they have made. While the story is written for younger readers, adults will enjoy it also.

My Rating:

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Author:  Patti Davis
Published:  October 01, 2013
164 pages