Friday, November 15, 2013

Tanya Searle, author of Aquila: From the Darkness

I'm happy to welcome YA author Tanya Searle.  She is a full-time student, wife and mother living in southwest England. Her love of reading led her to pen her first novel, Aquila: from the darkness. She is currently working on the sequel, Aquila: into the light.

Me:  So Tanya, I have to know - Where did you get the idea for your novel?

Tanya:  The idea for the novel originally came from my fascination with flying; not aeroplanes and helicopters - actual flying. I mean the feelings born of childish dreams and the arc of a trampoline bounce. The novel started as images, random flashes in my mind involving wings and the ocean. The story was already formed before I put fingers to keys. I only realized how long it was once I started typing.

Me:  Tell us a little about the main character.

Tanya:  Aqua, the main character, is seventeen; stubborn and impulsive. She lives a quiet life in the English countryside. Working as a labourer on her mother's organic farm she spends her weekdays among fruit and vegetables. But at the weekends she indulges in her secret pastime - flying. She also hangs out with her gorgeous best friend, Aaron, who has no idea that Aqua isn't exactly a normal teenage girl. Aqua's heritage is a mystery even to her. She wants to know where she came from... and during the novel, she finds out.

Me:  You are working on the sequel.  When do you anticipate it will be released.

Tanya:  Yes. The sequel, Aquila: Into the Light, should be out by Spring 2014. I am posting regular updates on twitter and my blog. I'm really excited that I will be sharing the next stage of Aqua's life with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing a sneak peak of Aquila: From the Darkness:

Early birds get up before the sun. So I guess that’s
what I am, an early bird.
The sky is not quite dark, with slender veins
of purple and gray, when I rise. I like the quiet the
early morning brings. I like the fresh moist air
and the dew covered grass. I like getting to the
bathroom before my mother.
We share the small, bare space of a room;
cracked magnolia wall tiles and stripped wood
floor. There is no shower; just an old bath tub with
a cutting of garden hosepipe and shower nozzle
attached to the taps. I did it myself, for my own
sanity. My mother considers showers a modern
notion, designed for city folk whose lives are fast and
stressful and the opposite of ours. I consider them a necessity.  

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