Saturday, December 14, 2013

Review of Shadows of Time: Shadow Maiden (Book One) by B.R. Nicholson

Amazon's Book Description:

The elf, Lestel, uncovers a deadly secret. 
His daughters, Anya and Astrid, are destined for great and terrible things. 
Evanna, his wife, the queen of Alainia, is destined for doom. 

And Merrick, a low Sage from the Great Desert, may be the only one able to save their bloodline from the wakening shadow and ravenous Phooka. 
For now. 

The Shadows of Time series begins at the end, in a twisted and wicked future. Only the stories of the past can stir the mind of the Shadow Maiden into action. 

Only she can loosen the chains of time. 
If only she can remember her name.

What I thought:

B.R. Nicholson's novella, Shadow Maiden is imaginative and captivating.  The author has envisioned a world full of magic and menace.  The characters are well developed and consistent in voice and action.  Nicholson does a good job setting the stage for the story. As she introduces the characters, she weaves in the back story.  This takes a little time but it is worth it.   The story picks up steam with each turn of the page.  By the end, I was not only immersed in the tale, but quite taken with the characters.

My Rating:

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