Sunday, December 29, 2013

Self Published Sunday

If you're like me, you've scoured the internet looking for the best information regarding book marketing. Some experts tout the importance of book reviews while others believe exposure is key. There are loads of writers "spamming" G+ and Facebook communities. For the record, I've "promoted" my novel by sharing Amazon links, reviews, etc. - not that it made much difference.  I mean, honestly, how many of us are even clicking on the links?  After all, it's not like we have unlimited time.  When  we aren't writing, most of us aren't looking for the next great story - we're too busy trying to draw attention to our own works.

That being said, there are links that I do check out.  Why?  Because I've connected with the author. Sometimes, it may start out as a request for an honest opinion regarding a book trailer. It may be a connection made on Twitter.  Either way, I am much more likely to buy a book when I get to "know" the author.  I have found some amazing writers in our self publishing community.

With that in mind,  I have decided to host Self Published Sunday on my blog.  As the author, you can decide:  Do you want to do a guest post?  Do you prefer to share an excerpt of your novel? Do you have a photo that inspired the setting of your story?  This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and your novel to those who might not have found you.

We all need a little time in the spotlight.  It may get us noticed and it certainly can't hurt.  If you are interested in participating, contact me.  

(On a side note - As a writer of Young Adult fiction, I do have visitors to my blog that are not adults.  Please understand, I will have to exclude authors of erotica and those whose works are terribly violent.)


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