Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review of Late Summer Monarch by Angela Welch Prusia

As a rule, I don't often read a novel in one sitting. With     Late Summer Monarch, I broke that rule.  Author Angela Welch Prusia has penned a coming of age story that should be on required reading lists.  While the story covers subjects like bullying and abuse, the author takes great pains not to be preachy.  What she does do - is open a secret window into the lives of the characters.  We see their personal struggles and witness how a town is willing to look the other way when some of its own are suffering.

The author does a wonderful job developing and maintaining the mood of the story.  Her descriptions of the town hit just the right note - you get the feel for the place without a tedious narration that ultimately becomes a distraction.

There was a lot to love about this novel.  Main character Darby Fletcher is the typical girl next door, complete with the requisite teenage issues.  Characters Peyton and Keaton display a vulnerability to which many in society are susceptible.  While Crazy Rainey Shaw is quirky and full of insight:

Fire flashed from Rainey's eyes.  "And if I was you..." She tossed her money onto the counter and stood to leave.  "I'd guard my tongue.  It reveals much about the heart."                                                                  -Angela Welch Prusia, Late Summer Monarch

If you are looking for a quick read that offers more than passing entertainment, check out Late Summer Monarch.   While it is written for the young adult audience, adults will also enjoy the story.

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