Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson/Southport, NC

I love Southport.  It's one of my favorite towns to visit so yesterday, we went.  The town was celebrating their Spring Festival. Vendors filled the park - ribs, chicken on a stick, hotdogs-you know the smell!  Then the artists - watercolors, jewelry, scuptures.  It all added up to an enjoyable day. 
But before we reached Southport, we took a small detour and visited the Brunswick Town-Fort Anderson Historical Site.  There is a wonderful walking path that takes you around the site.  Even if you're not into history, the scenic beauty of the place is worth your time.  The top picture is of St. Phillip's Church.  I can imagine how it must have looked with a roof and glass windows.  The bottom picture shows where the remains of a house have been excavated.