Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some people are born with the innate ability to get underneath my skin.  It's the little things really.  Like those people who shop and ignore the fact that their little one is standing, make that teetering, in the shopping cart.  Really?  That's why they have those little seat belts....

And then there is "Potential Customer" - at least that's what you said your name was when I asked.  Here's a clue...my office didn't call you....YOU called us.

Finally, there's the fast food worker.  I won't name the company, however, when I ask for a side salad, I'd like to get it.  Yes, I realize that it's officially still breakfast but I'm pretty dang sure your salads are pre-made.
In fact, your coworkers have never had a problem with filling my request.  Your lack of initiative was mind boggling.   I don't think your coworkers have any worries about you becoming boss one day...

Like I said, some people just get underneath my skin.