Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Self Publishing Update

Update on self publishing process: 

I received the proof copy of my novel.  Honestly, I am blown away by the number of tiny errors I've found - especially considering how many times I went over the manuscript before submitting it. Not only did I go over it but I had very knowledgeable people read it including writers/editor. Can you say stressed?  Thankfully, Carol Ann Ross (author of The Days of Hairawn Muhly) gave me a break and finished looking for the errors.  Now it's just a matter of revising.  I'm sure you can guess how I'll be spending the 4th of July.  

As I am self published, I don't have a marketing department behind me.  So I'm thinking about a virtual book tour...and I've been looking at a company called Enchanted Book Promotions.  If you promoted your novel using a blog tour, what was your experience?  Is it something you'd recommend?