Friday, July 5, 2013

Use Your Dashboard!

This is a cautionary (but true) tale:

I read the email - make my corrections and upload.  The plan was simple.   I spent July 4th, in front of my laptop, editing my physical proof from Create Space.  And this morning (the 5th)  I was going to upload the corrections and then search the internet for book reviewers, etc.  The plan would have worked if I'd gone to my project dashboard instead of assuming I knew the process .  Silly me.  The hours I spent correcting my manuscript were wasted.  Had I checked my dashboard, I would have found the formatted version Create Space wanted me to use. 

So my Friday went like this - Instead of sending off inquiries to reviewers, I spent the day making the corrections to the formatted manuscript.  I saved the changes, X'd out of the document and BLAM! I was kicked off the site.  I hate spotty internet and with the rain and the heat in our area, it seems our internet service is working beyond capacity.  I tried to go back in - but couldn't.  Create Space had blocked my access....  I can only hope that somehow, the changes made it....Otherwise, it'll be day three....

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