Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome to Parson's Cove!

Parson's Cove, NC is the fictional town that serves as the setting for Of Dreams and Shadow.   I thought I'd share a little about its origin.  After all, there are places in Onslow county that inspired it.  One of those is Yopp's Meeting House.  Yopp's Meeting House is located in Sneads Ferry, NC. and while it doesn't appear in my story,  it's a place that has always caught my attention.  When I was a little girl, the place creeped me out.  It always looked spooky - sitting off the road, surrounded by shade trees and a cemetery.  As I grew older, its history intrigued me and I knew Parson's Cove had to have an old building of its own.  

Yopp's Meeting House
Sneads Ferry, NC

I visited areas in Onslow County looking at old structures.  The Pelletier House in Jacksonville was one of the ones that I studied.  I had it in mind when I described Parson's Cove's - Henderson's Merchantile.

Pelletier House
Jacksonville, NC

I could imagine a building a bit wider than this one sitting just across the road from the river, waiting for fisherman and sailors to come inside and spend their money after a long voyage.  Such old buildings hold secrets and it's the same with Henderson's Merchantile - one visit marks the beginning of the end for someone in Parson's Cove. 

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