Monday, November 25, 2013

It's a Novel November with Kevin Kennedy


I'm pleased to welcome Kevin Kennedy to Novel November.  He is a freelance writer, poet, ebook author and decorated veteran of the United States Navy with over 25 years of honorable service to our country. He proudly served in aviation as a Naval Aircrewman, Search & Rescue Swimmer and Aviation Operations (AVOPS) Limited Duty Officer, also known as a “Mustang.”
The first in his children’s book series, Ten Dollar Words For Kids, is published by Halo Publishing International and illustrated by Jay Fife. His latest projects are an ongoing series of children’s books dedicated to increasing the level of vocabulary in young minds with a foundation focused on the fundamentals of education that translate into the next generation’s world of social and interpersonal abilities and behaviors.
Kevin is happily married to a highly intelligent woman, has four amazing kids, three ever-hungry dogs and two curiously unusual cats. A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and native of Upper Arlington, Ohio.

Excerpt of Ten Dollar Words For Kids:

This is the first cover and one of the illustrations and text that will be featured in my first book.  Illustrations by Jay E. Fife:
Sleight of hand, fingers quick,
perform engaging parlor tricks.
Hocus-pocus, presto, change-o!
Abracadabra, where’d that coin go?!
Houdini was tops, boggled the mind,
many seek to be his kind.
It disappears, no explanation,
magic trick: Prestidigitation.
For more information about this book, please check out Kevin's website.

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