Saturday, November 23, 2013

Novel November - L.E. Fitzpatrick's The Running Game

I want to welcome L.E. Fitzpatrick to Novel November.  She is the author of a fantasy series called Dark Waters and The Running Game (Reachers).  She is currently working on more Reacher novels and short stories.  

Me:  I've got to ask - What inspired the idea for The Running Game (Reachers)
Fitzpatrick:  I'm a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi and after spending a number of years writing my fantasy series Dark Waters I really wanted a break and to do something totally different. I've always had an interest in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany and the plight of the people who were caught in such oppressive regimes, especially when both movements were so different and yet ultimately had such a disregard for humanity. Basically when we are at our most vulnerable as a society we turn to drastic measures, which is something which is happening in Greece and even in Britain with more and more people voting for right wing extremist politics.

I started to think about what would happen if poverty in Britain worsened, if our fears about terrorism and disease spread and what mistakes we as a society could make in trying to protect ourselves from ourselves. So the world I have created is one of despair, intolerance and fear. The rich thrive, the poor suffer and anything different is hunted down.

The "prey" in the case of The Running Game are the Reachers - a different breed of humans that have some psychic ability. They are hunted down, experimented on and exterminated. The Running Game is a story about two Reachers who happen to cross paths.

Me:  That's really intriguing.  So, can you share a little about the main characters?
Fitzpatrick:  Rachel was raised in a convent after her father was executed. She's a Reacher hiding out in the shanty town surrounding London and she doesn't realize that people are trying to find her to use her powers for their own gain. She's a strong, independent woman. She's not a damsel in distress, nor is she a warrior woman. Rachel is a normal girl with a talent and a inclination towards surviving.

Charlie used his Reacher talents to get anything for anyone, but then his wife was murdered, his Reacher daughter taken. Now he's an addict, dependent on his brother to keep them afloat. He is hired to find Rachel, but when he realises she's a Reacher he is compelled to do everything he can to help her while at the same time rediscovering who he once was and what he can still do.


Five past eleven. Rachel’s shift should have finished three hours ago. She slammed her time-card into the machine. Nothing. She gave it a kick, then another until it released, punching her card and signing her out for the night. The hospital locker room was unusually quiet. There was a nurse signing out for the night, two doctors signing in. Nobody spoke to each other – it wasn’t that kind of place. Grabbing her threadbare coat from her locker, she drew it over her scrubs – the only barrier between her and the unforgiving October night. She walked through the ER waiting room, eyes fixed on the exit. You had to ignore the desperation. Three hours over a twelve hour shift, you had no choice but to pretend like you didn’t care. Push past the mothers offering up their sick children like you could just lay your hands on them and everything would be better. Push past the factory workers bleeding out on the floor. Push that door open and get out. Get home. You had to. In six hours the whole thing would start again.
The first blast of cold air slapped the life into her aching body. The second blast nearly pushed her back inside. She tightened the coat around herself, for the good it would do. November was coming, and coming fast. She quickened her pace, trying to outrun the winter.

She hurried past the skeletal remains of another fallen bank, a relic of the days when there had been an economy. Now the abandoned building housed those left to the streets; the too old, the too young, the weak, the stupid. Cops would be coming soon, moving them on, pushing them from one shadow to another until dawn or death, whichever came first. But for now they sat, huddled around burning canisters, silently soaking in the heat as though they could carry that one flame through winter. They didn’t notice Rachel. Even the really bad men lurking in the doorways, waiting for helpless things to scurry past, overlooked the young doctor as she made her way home. Nobody ever saw her. At least they never used to.
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