Saturday, November 9, 2013

Patti Davis - The Blue Hour

I'm excited to welcome Patti Davis to Novel November.  Patti is the author of nine books, including The Long Goodbye, a memoir about losing her father to Alzheimer's.  Her most recent novel, Till Human Voices Wake Us, is available exclusively on Amazon.  She is also a journalist and screenwriter. She runs a support group called Beyond Alzheimer's for family members and caregivers of people with Alzheimer's at UCLA/Santa Monica Medical Center.  

Patti has recently published a novel suitable for children as well as adults and has agreed to share an excerpt:

     The marbles in his pocket were really burning now - Joshua could feel the heat on his skin.  He reached in for them, intending to move them to the other pocket just to get some relief.  But as he withdrew one of the marbles, it leapt out of his hand, flew through the air like a missile and hit Chester McQueen in the center of his chest.  And then it stayed there...
     Chester clawed frantically at the marble that had landed on him like a magnet and when he finally pried it off, he backed up and glared at Joshua.
     "What the -"
     "Joshua!" Robert yelled, ready at first to blame his son, but confused by what he'd seen.  

If you enjoyed the excerpt, a purchase link has been attached below:

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