Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's a Novel November with Sisco Molinas author of Quiet Dog Bites Hard

If you like your reads a little rough and tough, Quiet Dog Bites Hard might be right up your alley.  Sisco Molinas, the author stopped by to share and excerpt.  He advises that this novel is rated "R" for mature readers.  

“Holy shit!” Victor said when Maynard stepped into the clearing. The sun was just starting to set and he knew he had an intimidating look about him. Maynard knew he looked like the type you did not want to meet in an alley at night, or even a swamp at dusk. Especially if you have just been caught stealing his fish. Victor startled, dropped the line, and almost fell into the canal.

Maynard looked as wild as anything else that might be found in the swamp. His long black hair was scraggly and, more often than not, littered with leaves and pine needles. He was two hundred and forty pounds distributed unevenly over his six feet and four inches in height. He was big and burly in the chest, arms, and shoulders; but lean everywhere else. He wore thrift store clothes. Currently that consisted of a pair of Dickie's coveralls and combat boots. The coveralls were dirty and wrinkled. Once they were blue, now they were faded, ripped, and a grayish black color. The thighs were a deep black from months of wiping his hands off on them.
            His face was strong jawed, tanned a dark brown, but too harsh to be considered handsome. The bones at his cheeks and brow were too pronounced, the skin too taught over them, his green eyes were too recessed, his hawk nose too big, the expression too stern. His smoothly shaved face clashed with his generally unkempt appearance, this was due to his knife. One of his few possessions; a nine inch blade he was borderline obsessed about keeping sharp. He sharpened it to pass the time then tested it by shaving his face and neck with it. Right now it was in his right hand as he frowned at Victor Vector, then at Fiona, who was under his lean-to and digging through the few possessions he kept at this spot. She was oblivious to his presence at the moment.
            “Get out of my stuff,” Maynard growled at her. He tried to remember the last time he heard his own voice. It was deep and gravelly and the words felt strange in his mouth. It was days since he came in contact with another human being and weeks since he spoke to one.
She proceeded like she didn't hear him and for all Maynard knew she didn’t. He envisioned neck grabbing her and squeezing until her eyes bulged out, tearing her arms off, then spending the rest of the evening leisurely beating Victor Vector to death. He grunted with the effort not to do it. These were not enemies, Fiona was not a threat, Victor was not a target. You big badass motherfucker! His body urged him to engage in the violence it craved but Maynard knew that to give into it was to lose. He could maybe kill these two and they wouldn't be missed but he would know, and he would know it was wrong. His hand started its goddamn tremble and he took another swig.

Meet the author:

Sisco Molinas is 44 and lives on the West Coast of Florida. He writes stories that entertain him first then presents them for public approval. He has over fifty novels in various stages of completion and five that are actually complete.

"The Wino" was his first effort at getting published and it showed a disappointing ROI and the publisher (Pandora)went out of business. The Wino has been re-written and re-published by the author as "Quiet Dog Bites Hard" with a new cover using a photo from Semmick Photo.

If he's not working his soul crushing day job, riding his motorcycle, or spending time with his friends and family he is writing. It is more than a passion ... it is a vice. He struggles with the mechanics of the craft, and finding the endings to his tales, but the rest of it is bliss.

Sisco welcomes reviews (good and bad) from anybody with an opinion. He also welcomes advice and ideas on how to better market his books.

... and cover artists. If you or somebody you know can put together creative book covers and rock a pricing structure that is friendly to the economically downtrodden please reach out.

Find the author and his novel at these links:

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